Monday, July 19, 2010


Ahhh.....Sunflowers (arranged in a 5-gallon bucket once used for tractor transmission fluid), red-checkered tablecloths, fresh out-of-the-garden vegetables.......SUMMERTIME!

The theme continues..... age barriers...

Young and Old...

The matriarchs of the church...(Two very special ladies...the one on your right celebrated her 90th birthday not too long ago)...


A satisfied silence hovered for a few seconds as food met taste buds....

Rainbow Jello made by the young lad front and center in one of the photos above. His mother told me it took 6 hours to make as they had to wait for each layer to jell before they could add the next...the lighter layers have sour cream mixed in to give it a pastel effect...

Perfect ending to a delightful Sunday Dinner on the Grounds deep in the Alabama countryside.
Have a lovely day!


  1. Clever decor! I adore the sunflowers in the bucket. Looks like a fantastic time of fellowship, food, fun & friends.

  2. I thought about you, MyStory, and your love for sunflowers when I posted this

  3. The words are so appropriate and poetic :)

    Just what I needed on this strange day. The sense of place was precisely executed.

    I see you have donated Gerty the Attitude Angel to HUMC?

  4. His name is Elmo, Girl-child...Gerty? Where did that come from?

    Thank you for your kind words....IF my wording is poetic, I reckon i get it from YOU;)