Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Because we live 25 miles from the nearest town/city, we cannot get cable tv, so we have Directv.
IF we lived in town, we would also have local channels...even with Directv...and even with the crazy digital "stuff" that makes converter boxes, etc. necessary for television viewing for many folks.
Not even converter boxes worked with us.
Well, last year, we decided to get Directv's Game Plan just for the sake of watching Auburn football games. But alas...we were not able to watch a single AU football game if it was aired on local TV because local TV or maybe Game Plan didn't allow it. For Heaven's Sake....the local games were what we wanted to watch! We could get all of the others on ESPN....aarghh!
Once ordered, Game Plan could not be UN-ordered......we did not read the fine print:(...
so we got nothing for our money!
This past Saturday morning, Hubby decided we were going to Radio Shack and get something...anything...so that we could watch the Auburn/LSU game.

This is what we came home with.

The size of the box should have been our first clue.....

Hubby wanted to put it together inside before he tried to put it in the attic or on the roof. He wanted to be sure it would work....and he wanted to make sure of this in time for THE game at 2:30 P.M.

Too bad I didn't think to take pictures of the assembling....and the facial expressions and exclamations as the thing grew....and grew.....and grew....

Hubby got to watch THE game...UNDER his antennae...
In fact, he wanted to invite others to come sit under the antennae and watch the game .:)

There's no way this antennae's going out the doors or up the stairs without taking it apart.
I'm afraid I' m stuck with this piece of modern folk art until football season is over...Hubby even mentioned that we could forego a Christmas tree and just decorate this:(

The table the sculpture is now sitting on used to be here...in fact, we ate supper here the night before.

The tripod it sits upon once held a small satellite dish.

All for the sake of football....

Have a lovely day!

P.S. I surely am handling this well, aren't I .... It's a little frightening how calm I've been ..... It must be the 33 years I've been married to this man....I'm finally learning to...what?...Love him in spite of himself?...Be thankful we have a large room?

I DID enjoy watching the game:)


  1. Oh Mug! This is so funny! Your patience is commendable.

    I can imagine my sons doing the same thing :)

  2. You are a wife to be treasured, aren't you?
    Now, I shouldn't show this to my hubby!

  3. Oh that is just TOO funny! Love it. Your hubby & I must be on the same wavelength...as I figured if it's gonna be there for the holidays, ya might as well decorate it! :)

  4. Hi Yiota! ....and MyStory! So good to "See" y'all again:-) I'll be heading over your way to "visit" soon!