Friday, November 5, 2010


I alternate using these according to mood, but use one or the other just about every day. The Cinch is great mixed with milk and a banana; the soy protein is good mixed into any juice or sprinkled over cereal.

The plastic containers are sturdy with screw-on tops, and, best of all, the label peels off easily and completely! My husband uses the empty ones for nails, screws, et cetera, and we use one for used coffee grounds (to put around our plants), but the containers were still piling up.....until I decided to paint them, attach these labels, amd use them for my baking cannisters! The next empty one will hold sugar, I'm thinking:)

P.S. I've found some great recipes in Cooking Light magazine for variations of banana bread using ground flax.....and I usually substitute whole wheat flour (ww flour on the cannister) for white flour (3/4 cups ww to 1 cup white).
Have a lovely day!


  1. Your colorful canisters are terrific. It's nice to have a good container that you can re-use once the product is finished.

    It looks like I'll be heading over to the library to check the recipes in Cooking Light! I've got the flax seed and it will be a good (chilly) weekend for baking :)

  2. Hi FarmGal,
    The recipes are very easy...a basic banana bread with optional glaze, a chocolate walnut banana bread, a peanut butter/peanut banana bread, and a bananas foster using either rum or brandy....all use the same basic recipe. i like to make mini loaves to wrap & freeze easy to give as little "just because" gifts. Next time I make a batch, I will photograph and post along with the recipes:)

  3. I like your colorful canisters too!! Very resourceful. No one would even know they're recycled :) I certainly wouldn't have guessed it.