Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hubby and Christmas.....

In addition to the antennae Christmas tree
(in which Hubby takes great joy, I might add).....
By the way, you readers do realize I had to wrap garlands around the metal tripod base
that holds up the antennae in order to give it the shape of a tree...right?
It's actually all gray metal rods...
and, you know, the antennae actually sort of resembles a star.....doesn't it?
Anyway, in addition to "his" tree, he has added a few glowing creatures to our yard

I guess this isn't Rudolph because he has no glowing red nose....
Looks as if he might be....hmmmm...Dancer!
Hubby says his reindeer will help light the way
for any guests who might have to "see" their way
from our house to their car:)

This angel heralds the arrival of Christ
as she stands at the point of an island of pine trees that our driveway encircles...

I wouldn't like all of this if we lived in town, I don't think,
but it is very festive at night way out here in the country...
still looks a tad tacky in the daytime, though.

But THIS is Hubby's pride and joy...

an 8 foot tall Frosty who stands across the pond
and waves at people riding by on the road:-)
Merry Christmas!

May your days be merry and filled with the love of Christ!

Love, Mug


  1. I like the new angel! But dear old Frosty still isn't approved in my book... don't tell Daddy.

  2. Very festive! I'll bet they all look "brilliant" at night :)

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Festive indeed! :) Your property sounds like a lovely corner of creation!

  4. I like the new design... I added the trees and bird to my banner on Picasa. It's a free photo editing service. I can show you over Christmas :)