Saturday, September 18, 2010

Grandmommy's Quilts

I found these in a cute 60's style cedar chest that belonged to my in-laws. I recognize some of this material from placemats, stool covers, and napkins that my mother-in-law apparently made.
The pieces on these quilts look like they were hand-sewn.
Such if I can just make myself sit down and mend the few pieces that are beginning to unravel....and put a backing on each quilt, each of my children will have a wonderful keepsake to pass on to their children:)

This one is my personal favorite.
I think I will try to find the same shade of blue to back it with.

Have a lovely day!


  1. Yes, I think one of those will look quite nice at the foot of one of our beds! Or hanging on the back of the sofa... the second is MY favorite too :) I love the solid, cheerful blue border.

    (Yes, I know... I'm signed into the OTHER blog that will someday get launched...)

  2. WOW - just imagine all the time that went into making those. Fun to find fabrics you recognize too ... just makes them even more personal & sentimental that way. So glad you are going to finish them. They're sure to be treasured heirlooms :) I've decided to handquilt at least some of my quilt. No doubt it will take longer to finish that way but I enjoyed handsewing the appliques on more than I thought I would so I think I will enjoy handquilting too.

  3. These are even more delightful than I had imagined. I have such admiration for the handwork of our predecessors because they did it with fewer conveniences than we have now. You have two "gifts" from the past. I'm so glad you will be passing them on in the family, and adding your loving stitches to them :)