Monday, September 13, 2010

Our neighbor

(in Hatchechubbee the term 'neighbor' means anyone within 5 miles since our nearest neighbor is probably a mile away from our house)

brought us these cayenne peppers straight from his garden.

Aren't they beautiful?! He suggested stringing them with fishing line and hanging them around the kitchen to dry. Then, he said, next time I make chili I can just reach up and break half of one off to crumble into the chili.

He also brought us these sweet red and green peppers.
At his suggestion, I sauteed a batch in olive oil, butter, and garlic salt for supper tonight.

Have a lovely day!


  1. Now that's a good neighbor! I'll bet the kitchen smelled won-der-ful while dinner was cooking!!!

  2. Do it! String those peppers! :) They do that out in the southwest a lot. I always tho't it was more for decoration (they make wreaths, etc.) -but to think it serves such a practical purpose ... well that just kicks it up a notch in my book! I love PRACTICAL art & that would certainly fit the bill.

    Nice neighbor :)

  3. How lugly, Muv :)

    Which "neighbor"? It seems maybe Jack Arlington? I love the idea of stringing peppers all over your kitchen. They make patio party lights of stringed peppers... it would be the REAL thing!