Sunday, September 12, 2010

I arrived at the annual Junior League Attic Sale thirty minutes before closing...

I figured all the "good stuff" would be gone.

However...everything left was now 1/2 off!

So...I bought this...

for $5.00.
...And this...

for $4.00!

And then someone handed me this bag....

...and said it was a $5.00 bag...for whatever I could fit into it!

...and this is what I fit into "the bag"....

What fun!

Have a lovely day!



  1. That's my kind of sale! What a great selection that you put into the bag. Isn't it neat to find previously loved things, and give them a second life?

  2. What a score! Those candlesticks are FUN. And I relly like those unusual wooden bowls - & Hindsfeet on High Places is one of my favorite books!

  3. Ah, FarmGal, I thought about you while I was "shopping".....There were bolts and bolts of material for $2.50/bolt! All sorts!

    Yes, MyStory, Hindsfeet in High Places is a great book...I have a hardback copy of my own but couldn't resist this one. I will give it to someone. Ah, yes, the candlesticks....You can't see it in the picture, but they have purple candle drippings down the sides of each one - the perfect finishing touch!

  4. Hi Mug,
    I just saw your message about the quilts and fabric. Please post some photos of the quilts that your mother-in-law made, I'd love to see them. It's wonderful that your grandchildren will have something that was worked on by multi-generations!

    And I hope some lucky seamstress will make use of the bolts of fabric. :)