Wednesday, July 29, 2009

...As We Dance through Life...


And the Rest of Us as We Dance through Life

In early October 2007, my sister was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer. She began chemotherapy rather quickly, so by December her hair was beginning to fall out.

So I wrapped up the above two paintings and left them on my sister's porch along with a poem that I wrote for her....only it turned out to be speaking to me also and maybe even to you:

Hair and hats.....hats and hair...

The "dance of life" to the music of prayer.

The music of prayer is sometimes just music...

...When one can barely hold on and is about to 'lose it'.

But if we can make ourselves listen...if we hold on 'real' tight,

The music of prayer guides us through the dark night.

Sometimes the music signals the entrance of others... add to our 'dance'...all our 'sisters and brothers'.

God is the 'Conductor'...He directs the song;

Our job is to dance ...just to 'play along'.

As we dance to His music, we follow His plan;

...He shows us the steps as we hold onto His hand.

So...Hairless with hats...or hatless with hair...

...The Holy Spirit guides us ALL through the music of prayer.


P.S. Hallie has finished her chemotherapy and her radiation; her hair has grown back; she's gone back to running marathons (or maybe half-marathons...and wins them for her age division - she's 45years old) whenever she can, is engaged to a wonderful man, and is currently cancer-free:)

Have a lovely day!


  1. You wrote that?!BEAUTIFUL.

    Seems when much more faith than usual is required (when we feel so awkward, vulnerable, confused, ph when we're stumbling as opposed to dancing)- that those are the times (dance lessons?) God uses to teach us so much more than usual! - been thinking about a post I intend to call "Dance Lessons" along this line (so this is timely!) ... trouble is - based on my own personal experience/journey it would be hard to limit it to one post - A whole new blog w/ that title (or a novel!) might lend the space (freedom) to wrap words around that one :)

  2. P.S. --- Interesting (very!)concept of "prayer" being the music!

  3. I will be looking for those posts, My Story of HiStory...

  4. Well...Let that be a lesson to me...I was in the midst of typing in this wonderfully deep (or so I thought) response to Mys's post above when all of a sudden my whole computer went blank, began updates that i had been putting off, and then shut down and re-started...Needless to say I was shell-shocked briefly as I stared at the screen (I really WAS into my response)....and then a small voice in my head said...."Why would you seek out the "world" before you seek out Me?"
    Yep, you guessed it....I turned on the computer and checked email & blogs BEFORE I had my quiet devotional time (intending only to be brief and then head straight for my "quiet time chair" - You know how we "humans" weak:( - sighhh...)...Let that be a lesson to me...

  5. P.S. DANCE LESSONS....What a wonderful title for the lessons we learn (over and over again because we are so hard-headed and have wills of our own!)as we "practice His presence"...I wish I had thought of that:)....A whole book or blog of "Dance Lessons"...I love it!

    Go for it, Mys!

  6. What a wonderful poem!

    And, I'm so happy for your sister - may she run for a long, long time!!!

  7. Hi there Mug & Lupine. Thnx for the encouragement here - perhaps I will "go for it" - guess I just need to decide how to go about it & go from there. And Farmgal...I tho't you'd enjoy this poem - So glad I was right! :)