Monday, July 20, 2009

The Jazz Band by Chris Clark

I only have two pieces of art by Chris Clark. I could just "kick" myself for not holding on to more of his when I had my little folk art gallery several years ago. His work was (and still is) very popular among all types of art lovers. It's happy, colorful, and unique.
This one is painted on a 24" x 24" piece of old metal ceiling tile he salvaged from somewhere.
It is hanging in our home above an old upright piano that belonged to my grandparents. The top of the piano is filled (I know "less is more", but who could decide?!) with family photos, mementos, and more small pieces of art by family members.

The angel on yellow you see to the left of The Jazz Band is also by Chris. It is painted on a piece of wood. The face of the angel was created from a piece of old rusty tin...Wonderful, huh?!

Below is a profile on the artist, but I'm not sure how readable it is...I had to photograph it because the computer this is on is "on the blink", and I'm too lazy to re-type the whole thing.
Thanks for reading!
Have a lovely day!


  1. "I know, I know, less is more (But who could decide?)" Very quotable words, there, Mug.

  2. And even though you didn't keep more of his art, I think you still got the piece from the bunch. That jazz band is my favorite of his.