Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Our Bridge Over Un-troubled Waters

Our Bridge Over Un-Troubled Waters....
My husband is so proud of his little arched bridge. This was his project-hobby for several months....
Creating beautiful things is such an outlet, is it not?
Husband and I spent quality time together this past weekend staining this particular creative thing. Of course, we ran out of stain and had to drive into town to Home Depot to get another gallon, but we just chalked it up to more quality time together (smile)....and to make this quality time more interesting, our dogs kept walking across what we had stained. We just decided to decide that this unexpected addition to our staining job gave it creative "flair" and made it even more uniquely our own!
....Just as the unexpected twists and turns that enter our lives add creative flair helping us to be what God has in mind for each of us...
Ahhh.....Notice Bud in the photo on the left...
He sees something on the edge of the bank!


  1. I love it!!!!!.... and love that it has paw prints... even better!!!!!

  2. Why thank you, Tiff! Yep! The paw prints make it creatively special!

  3. Beautiful! I think the pawprints are a very personal touch that makes it extra special :)

  4. Just think, you will ALWAYS have a relic of BUD!

  5. Oh my, Scattering Lupines, what a thought!