Monday, August 3, 2009


I wrote this poem several years ago for the first day of school to put in the teachers' boxes. It has become almost a tradition, now, to drag it out again every year for the first day of school:)

The time has come, Folks…Be on your toes!
Is your classroom straight…Are your desks in rows?

We're molding young minds…the future's in our hands!
Scary thought, huh,…as we make our plans?

We will face this day….We will face this year.
We will tell ourselves we have nothing to fear!

Our students will listen….They'll do whatever's assigned.
They won't talk during class….They'll stay focused and mind.

They'll be perfect angels….Every day will be great!
Nary a student nor work will ever be late!

Ha! Who are we kidding?!…We know they're not perfect.
They'll test us at times….And the "system"?….They'll "work it"!

So let us go back to "molding each mind".
God has put us in charge however short be our time.

This is our chance to teach them to think…
….to follow directions….To swim and not sink.

This is our chance, Folks, to share what we know…
…to guide these young minds in the way they should go!

P.S…….And may the Lord help us to
"run and not grow weary… walk and not faint"
- Isaiah 40:31b

Have a Lovely Day!


  1. Excellent poem! Right to the point! Can I copy it?

  2. I enjoyed that very much! Thx for sharing. Teaching is such a big responsibility - but your classroom & your poem give me the impression that you enjoy it very much & take it seriously :)

  3. Of course you may copy it, Yiota! I'm glad you liked it!

    Thanks, MyStory! I do enjoy it...and, yes, I do take it if they are my own children, but, alas, my poor wonderful husband suffers from neglect at times because of it....Oh well....such is life.....:)