Wednesday, August 19, 2009


"Do all things without murmuring (or grumbling....or complaining) and disputing."

-Philippians 2:14

May Your Day be filled with a
Plethora of Pizzazz and Rollicking Razzle Dazzle!



  1. Is this a challenge? Hmmm. I think I'll take it as such & try not to whine, grumble, complain or dispute at all today :) Imagine how quiet (peaceful!) it would be if the rest of the world joined me :)

    Hey - I see you're putting those new words to good use!

  2. Uh Oh!!!! I haven't been complaining, have I? of course not. This can't be directed at ME.... or can it?

    Okay, no more complaining. Circumstances are what they are and they is what they is. So there.

  3. Ahhh...Scattering, I wasn't directing this at AnYoNe....but, you know what they say...."The hurt dog always hollers":)

    MyStory....a challenge? Yes, I guess so...for all of us...especially ME!

    I love y'all!!!!:)