Monday, August 17, 2009

L Is for Lollygag
Quirky Words for a Clever Tongue
My lovely niece gave me this book for my birthday last year. She knew I LoVe words....and that I enjoy giving my students InTeRestiNg vocabulary words.
Quite a smattering...a plethora....oodles of words....we could have a jamboree and be johnny-on-the-spot with any word that one needs. No jittery-skittery heebie-jeebies with this book around! And that's no FLAPDOODLE!

Oh fiddlesticks!
Have a Humdinger of a Day!


  1. My FAVORITE post so far!!!!!! This is SO CUTE. And, see. It's a quick one! It seems it all just came to you in a fleeting moment...

  2. well...I won't quibble with you over such a persnickety and piddling matter as whether or not this was , as you say, "a quick one"....

    While the thought may come in a "fleeting moment", the creation of the blog itself(for Moi, anyway) is never fact, at times quite the opposite...more of a quagmire or a pictures and words seem to have minds of their own as to HOW they end up posting...aargh!

    But, thank you for your kind words:)

  3. i am honored! i adore this book! I later bought one for myself, so we should have a Lolligag talk session! :)

  4. What a great book (though I'm guessing what most of the words mean rather than actually knowing them)!

  5. Great gift. Never really tho't to give someone new words before...but now that I think of it, I could sure use some :) Searching for just the right ones can be time consuming - but this looks like a great place to start. No doubt you will use them well!

  6. Great post!! My kids always thought they needed to put together a dictionary or Gramma-speak. She has delighted them over the years with her thingamabobs and whatsits and whoosies and sniggley things!...I'll definitely have to find a copy of this book.