Sunday, August 2, 2009

ScHooL DaYs.....

This is Elmo......
He oversees me as I teach my classes:)

Elmo is a 5 ft tall hand-carved solid wood angel.
Isn't he wonderful?
This is the doorway to my classroom:
I usually "become" Mary Poppins for a whole day on one of the "Dress-Up Days" during homecoming week....Can you believe many of today's young people have NEVER seen the movie MARY POPPINS?
And this is the view from the doorway:
The big painting on the wall between the windows was a collaborative effort during my daughter's senior year (2001 - 2002). My daughter and others in her art class ALL painted this for the Riverfest Festival in Columbus, GA. I don't remember exactly how I ended up with it, but I truly cherish it!
This is the view from my podium:
And this is my desk...I promise I will clean it off before the students arrive!
Alas!...With school beginning next week, my posts may not be quite so frequent...
Have a Lovely Day!


  1. I like how you've designed the corner of your world!

    I have shelving much like that in my corner of the world too. You can see mine here:

    School is starting already?! We go back Aug 31. I hope you have a supercalifragilisticexpalidocious school year!!

  2. Oh, I DO like your little corner,MyStory. Thanks for sharing that with me:) the beautiful flowering tree (it looks like the pink crepe myrtles we have in our yard)...almost appears to be a window in the pic, but i know it was the dead of winter there. I also REALLY like the G-U-I-dance...God, yoU and I dance!

    Yep, Teachers start tomorrow...students come Wednesday....The summer was WAY too short, but I'm actually looking forward to school...:)

  3. Happy school year! Mine starts on 11/09; it's still too hot in August. I wish I had my own classroom. I teach four different years, eight classes in total and I have my lessons in each one's classroom. I can only use a wall or so for our projects in English. I love your space, especially the door with all the inspiring quotes.

  4. Looks VERY nice. I've always liked how much personality and "oomph" you put into your classroom.

  5. Thank you much for all of your kind comments:) It was refreshing to read these after a long day of new info and changes...aargh!

    Thank you, Yiota! I love my door, too! It's nice to "meet" a fellow teacher...I'm intrigued....You don't begin school until 11/09 (November?) Where do you live...I'm guessing you teach English as a second language? Or am I way off base?

  6. Sorry! I forgot you do it differently in the US (the short date I mean) It's September the 11th. Teachers start work on the 1st of Sept.
    Yes, I teach English -3hrs/week each class, too little! I'm in Greece.